I am a Production Consultant and Covid Supervisor who is a production experienced individual  with over 25 years experience in the industry, who has undergone Designated Covid 19 Supervisor training at First Option and ITV. I am also Fire Marshall Qualified. I am able to help you implement your Covid control measures and protocols on your shoot. When on site my roles to help production ensure that Covid control measures are being implemented and complied with.

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The role includes: 

Acting as a day to day focal point for Covid related enquiries from crew. 

Helping the production and/or H&S Consultant to implement, monitor and maintain Covid related measures that are identified in risk assessments and protocols. 

Where required, undertaking pre-shoot briefings for elements of the cast and crew as to the specific Covid controls in place. 

Helping to ensure that appropriate signage and posters are in place. 

Helping in maintaining and administering of cohort systems and access restrictions that are in place.

Helping to issue and advise on the correct wearing of PPE where work cannot be undertaken without close contact.

Helping to monitor cleaning regimes in place. 

Undertaking regular inspections to ensure that protocols are in place including: Checks of sanitising stations to ensure that stations are well stocked. o Distancing measures are being followed. 

Working to your in house Health and Safety Consultant. 

Liaising with your in house Health and Safety Consultant where required to help identify extra measures that may be required through dynamic assessment.

The role requirements of a Covid Supervisor including: Employer’s obligations with respect to Covid are;

1) Health and Safety regulation – General principles and legal basis

2) Risk management techniques – Methodology and Implementation

3) Risks arriving from Covid 19 and appropriate controls including: Crewing, Recces, Locations, Travel, Communal Spaces, Hygiene procedures, Use of PPE, Emergency arrangements  and Risk Assessment principles

Does a Covid Supervisor write Risk Assessment? 

No this should be the LP/Producer or your H&S Advisor.

Does a Covid supervisor supply PPE?

No this is the responsibility of the production company/employer who in accordance with H&S work regulation 1992 regulation and the company needs to supply adequate amount of PPE. 

Does a Covid Supervisor schedule testing? 

I can assist but it is essential this should be booked and paid for by the Production Company. Please note that any test company that is onsite should be CQC approved.

Are you registered to administer Covid-19 testing on site ?

No, I am do not carry out the tests personally. I will recommend working with a testing provider who is on the DHSC approved list of testing suppliers who is also UKAS ISO 17025 approved.

Important Information for Production Companies;

In addition to hiring a Covid Supervisor/Consultant and H&S Consultant, everyone working on the production and attending it has responsibilities in respect of COVID-19. 

Follow ICO guidance on storing data and testing. Ensure that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is observed, which will involve understanding suitable lawful bases, notifying people of any testing that is undertaken and completing a data protection impact assessment. 

It is very important that companies review UK Government updates in law and guidance so that their risk assessment and procedures are updated to reflect these changes. Please ensure you are working from the latest guidance. Productions should always be sensitive to local restrictions in place where you are filming .


These are charged per day* – 10+1 = 11 hour day (including breaks) *rates charged for minimum 10hrs, 1.5t after 12hrs, 2t after 14hrs or midnight whichever comes first. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.


If no accommodation has been provided, a discretionary hotel fee of up to £100 per night may be charged. This will only apply (unless otherwise agreed) where working days extend beyond 12 hours, after 23:00, or where an 11hr overnight break has not been scheduled.


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