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To count towards the regional production quota by hours, relevant productions must meet two out of the following three criteria:

(1) Substantive base

The commissioned production company must have a substantive business and production base in the UK outside the M25, and the production in question must be managed from that substantive base.

The base will be taken to be substantive if it is the usual place of employment of:

  • executives managing the regional business; and
  • senior personnel involved in the production in question; and
  • senior personnel involved in seeking programme commissions.

(2) Production spend

At least 70% of the production spend must be spent in the UK outside the M25.

Production spend should be based on the entire production expenditure including any funding from third parties and spend outside the UK, and excluding the cost of on-screen talent, archive material, sports rights, competition prize-money, copyright costs and any production fee (other than where some of the production fee is used to fund the costs of the production). Legal fees count as relevant spend.

(3) Off-screen talent

At least 50% of the production talent (i.e. not on-screen talent) by cost must have their usual place of employment in the UK outside the M25. Freelancers without a usual place of employment outside the M25 will nonetheless count for this purpose if they live outside the M25.



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