Close Contact cohorts protocol

ITV Covid Guidelines – Close Contact Cohorts and increased screening for COVID-19 – protocol for TV production 13/07/20


It sets out arrangements whereby pairs and/or small groups of people would be able to interact in much closer contact. 

This approach is only appropriate where all other mitigation measures are not feasible, and remains in addition, rather than a replacement for, the rigorous wider risk mitigation and hygiene measures that are set out in the broader guidance.

Risk Mitigation – close contact cohorts (CCCs)

The establishment of close contact cohorts (CCCs) supported by increased screening for this group, through the establishment of routine of PCR testing (hereafter “PCR tests”), may be introduced as a key element of a risk mitigation plan.

Risk Mitigation – weekly testing

The screening regime proposed will decrease the likelihood that someone with the virus will be within the cohort.

This testing would be on a regular basis (weekly) alongside other daily screening routine checks for symptoms etc. 

This approach offers a reasonable and sensible level of risk mitigation but it cannot eliminate risk.

These tests are commonly referred to as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests – Suitable consent will need to be sought from the individual to undertake the test.

With current testing provision that will generally mean approximately 48 hours pre-entering set

Risk Mitigation – Social Distancing

CCC members will be asked to adhere to social distancing requirements during the time between their test sample being taken and their arrival on set following their test result in line with the prevailing government guidance in place at the time.

Note; The CCC mirrors the concept of ‘fixed teams’ in the British Film Commission’s Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High- end TV Drama Production.

A cohort will be as small a number of people as possible who unavoidably need to be in close contact with each other. 

Info : ITV Producers guidelines

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