Photo credit : Masterchef, Shine, & BBC

(I developed and launched this Series working closely with Exec Producers, John Silver, Liz Murdoch, Franc Roddam and Series Producer; Karen Ross, when working as Deputy Head of Production at Shine Ltd).

Wikipedia defines a Fixer as

Fixer (journalism), someone hired by a foreign correspondent to help arrange a story
Fixer (crime), criminal slang for a person who employs bribes or other pressures to cover up misdeeds or bad publicity; also one who illegally sanitizes a crime scene

World Fixer explains that …

Without fixers, thousands of TV and film productions throughout the world would be impossible every year, tens of thousands of articles and books would never be written and the myriad of corporate activities would never see the light of day.

Simply put, a fixer is your temporary local knowledge when working overseas or at home. They are your ears on the ground before you arrive, your overseas bureau, your airport pickup, your staffer, your security advisor, your translator, local producer or first aider. They are the guide by your side that knows where everything is and how to get it.

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What’s different about me?

I am Fixer that specialises in UK Broadcast Production assistance. I am experienced and respected in the world of all television production, especially entertainment, reality, comedy, factual, sport and children’s genres. I have extensive knowledge in these areas, and contacts across the board, especially within the studio recording, and music and events world.

I am also known for having a fun and resilient approach to my work, and will offer solutions to all your requests, no matter how complex and tightly scheduled your production.


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